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Pericope Preaching Resources

Pericope is a preaching resource and discussion group for pastors


Scholia Preaching Resources

Over 400 sermons, Bible Studies, Orders of Worship, Bulletin Inserts and Covers, Audio Books and sermons on MP3 CD's, sermons in Romanian and more


Year at a Glance Readings for Sundays "Year at a Glance" is a resource from pericope.org that presents readings for each Sunday of the church year and links them to an on-line Bible as well as the Libronix Library System if you have that installed.
Pastor Archives   * Although a few of these entries may be from still working pastors, the archives are often from previous churches or from reitired pastors archives, and so are listed seperately from the church listings.
Sermon Archives of
Rev. Jeffrey McPike
Archive of Sermons Over 5 years of Sermons Archived by date.
Magnifying Christ
Archive of Sermons over several parishes Written in HTML format
Sermon Archives of
Rev Boland
Sermons from time in parish at Pagosa Springs Written and MP3 audio links off each individual sermon page



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